How to Get Cash for Online Casinos

Welcome! We direct you, as our name suggests, on the different ways one can receive online casinos cash for playing casino, slots machines and scratch cards games. We hope you enjoy yourselves: have a great time and please come back for more!

Get the inside view on how to win online casinos cash, slots machines and scratch cards games!


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Do you wish to learn about the most popular casino card games? Here, we define such casino games that online casinos offer in a detailed but simple method. If you want to learn about these games thoroughly, visit the pages dedicated to their rules and strategies at our site




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Games Played at Online Casinos:

There actually are quite a few card games that land and online casinos do not offer but then this is because nowadays casinos tend to sacrifice these along with other table games and prefer slot machines because they occupy less space, do not require dealers and in the end are a lot more profitable.

Although most card games can be played for money, not all of them can be classified as casino games and are offered by online casinos. Most poker games, for example, are not offered by online casinos because they need to be played against other players and not against a machine. Instead, poker is played in special card rooms in online casinos and then too only certain games such as Let It Ride Poker,Caribbean Stud and Video Poker. Some of these games, like Let It Ride involve a standard principle: Players are paid according to a pay-table, while the payouts in this table are lower than the actual odds. Other games, like Pai Gow poker consist of beating the dealer and the way the casino earns money is giving the dealer certain privileges. In Pai Gow poker, for example, the dealer wins all ties.

One of the most popular casino card games, if not the most popular one is Blackjack and it is played against the house. In other words, the player must overcome the dealer in order to win. There usually are several players at the table, but they all play separately and their hands are not compared to each other, but to the hand of the dealer only.

Unlike most other casino games, casino does not play with odds and payouts in blackjack games to profit from the game. The odds are even, but the rules of the game give advantage to the dealer. The privilege a blackjack dealer has is winning all busts, viz. If both the player and the dealer bust, the dealer wins, so a player who busts automatically loses without waiting for the dealer to play his hand. This advantage is somehow compensated by a3:2 payouts on Blackjack (a two card hand formed by an ace and a ten-value card). This compensation makes the game look more or less even. The house edge in blackjack really is quite low, but it still exists. It is about 3.5 percent or higher, depending on specific house rules applied to the game.

Another popular casino game is baccarat. Cards are assigned numbered, but the perfect total number is 9 and players cannot bust. If the total number of the hand exceeds 9, 10 is subtracted, so 10 points becomes 0, 11 becomes 1 and so on. Apart from this, players do not make any playing decisions during the game, but there are strict rules on when to deal an additional card and when to stand. In fact, there is only one players hand dealt at the table for all players.

To let players participate in the game somehow, baccarat players can choose not to bet on the players hand, but can bet on the bank or on the tie as well. So, in baccarat, players must not beat the dealer, but to bet on the right result, like in sports betting. This creates a problem: if the dealer has privileges, the players who bet on bank will have positive expectations. To eliminate this effect, casinos simply charge a 5 percent fee on all winnings on the bank bets.

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